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Phoenix Dragon

Phoenix Dragon

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Introducing the majestic Phoenix Dragon, an embodiment of fiery splendor and grace. This captivating creature boasts a body adorned in a mesmerizing mix of red, orange, and yellow feathers, reminiscent of the blazing hues of a sunset. Unlike many of its winged counterparts, the Phoenix Dragon possesses no arms, offering a unique silhouette that stands out in any setting.

The details of this dragon are sure to enchant: its beak, tinted in a rich brown, features nostril slits, lending it a distinct bird-like visage. Every feather, from those gracing its head to those that cascade down its legs, echoes the vibrant colorway of flames. The very bones of its wings are shaped to mimic roaring flames, with the wing membranes themselves showcasing intricate flame patterns. Completing its design, the dragon's tail culminates in three large feathers, each shimmering in shades of red, orange, and yellow. And as its name suggests, this dragon draws inspiration from the legendary Phoenix, a mythical creature intrinsically linked with fire and rebirth.

Choose from two sizes that suit your fancy:

  • Medium (17")
  • Small (10.5")

Let's take a flight through the key features of your new fantastical companion:

  • Fiery Feathers: Adorned with a mix of red, orange, and yellow feathers that capture the essence of fire.
  • Flame-Inspired Details: From wing-bones shaped like flames to flame patterns on its wing membranes, every aspect of this dragon is a nod to its fiery lineage.
  • Tail Feathers: The dragon's tail is accentuated by three vibrant feathers, reminiscent of a Phoenix's fiery plume.

Let this Phoenix Dragon light up your world with its fiery grace and mythical charm!

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