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Winged Rose Dragon

Winged Rose Dragon

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Introducing the Winged Rose Dragon, a fusion of floral elegance and mythical might. This extraordinary dragon is a celebration of the alluring beauty of roses combined with the iconic strength of dragonkind. Its presence is set to add a touch of refined enchantment to any space.

This dragon stands out with its magnificent, petal-like wings and a tail that echoes the intricate patterns of rose petals. It's not just another mythical creature; it's a symbol of nature's elegance intertwined with the grandiose fantasy of dragons.

Available in two sizes to suit your preference:

  • Large (Coming Soon!)
  • Medium (19")
  • Small (11")

Key features of the Winged Rose Dragon:

  • Elegant Design: The Winged Rose Dragon boasts a unique blend of a rose's natural beauty with the powerful form of a dragon. The wings, resembling delicate rose petals, and the artistically crafted tail are truly mesmerizing.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: This dragon is a testament to skilled artistry. Every scale and feather is thoughtfully designed, highlighting its unique rose-inspired theme.
  • Artistic Concept: Born from a vision of combining nature with fantasy, the Winged Rose Dragon is more than a decorative item. It's a symbol of creative thought and the beauty of blending different worlds.

The Winged Rose Dragon is not just a figure; it's an artistic expression waiting to elevate your space with its distinguished charm.

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Customer Reviews

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Ariel Fisk-Vittori

This is my first dragon, but not my last. Looked cool and was curious about it for my kids, but we were all blown away by how cool it is. The colors and the way it moves is totally bad ass. Highly recommend!